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AMSC has now patented its 1MVAR VVO Statcom, which is a 22kV direct connect Statcom. This is a very suitable and cost effective solution for some smaller solar, wind farm and mine connections.


AMSC’s D-VAR VVO is a 15kV distribution class shunt compensation systems that provides utilities & projected developers with a purpose-built tool to address applications that demand fast and precise volt/VAR compensation, such as those driven by increased DER penetration. D-VAR VVO builds upon over 15 years of experience in manufacturing and deployment of D-VAR® dynamic reactive power solutions in utility networks. Featuring continuous control of reactive current, these power electronic compensators can be used to solve dynamic response limitations and costly mechanical wear issues associated with conventional switched cap banks and tap changing regulators.VVO

VVO can dynamically inject or absorb reactive power to balance per phase voltage or VARs
– Mitigate voltage flicker
– Decrease time required for motor starts
– Reduce likelihood of regulator max boost or buck
– 130% overload capability for 1 minute to combat persistent sags such as motor starts
– Local voltage measurements and recordings for ongoing monitoring

• Cost-effective upgrade for feeders with high solar PV or DG growth
• Quickly solve customer issues due to power quality or voltage flicker
• Enhance distribution feeder capacity or efficiency
•  Feeder-ready shunt power electronics
• Absorbs and supplies reactive power
• Precise & continuous control of volt/VAR (single or three phase)
• Addresses limitations of mechanical equipment (e.g. cap banks, VR’s)

For further technical specifications, please contact ray.loh@wapp.com.au for information slide packs and data sheets.