Lightning proofing for increased personnel safety and productivity at Roy Hill

Towards the end of 2016, Roy Hill Iron Ore (RHIO) identified that lightning storms during the lightning season posed a risk to personnel safety which in turn affected productivity with […]

Lightning Protection Design and Installation

In Australia, lightning is one of the most dangerous and frequently encountered weather hazards. And whilst it’s certainly fascinating to watch, lightning can be extremely underrated – resulting in over […]

Dynasphere Air Terminal, MKIV

The economic and safety implications of lightning can be devastating. In general, the highest point of a facility is the most vulnerable to a direct lightning strike. Lightning rods or […]

DSD (DC) Series – DINLINE Surge Diverter

The DSD120 series is designed to provide protection for higher load current circuits that are exposed to higher transient levels, such as those which exit the facility building. The DSD120 […]

Common Bonding Network Jumper

The Common Bonding Network (CBN) Jumper, part of the ERITECH® line of facility electrical protection products, helps achieve a secure electrical connection in the telecommunications grounding and bonding infrastructure. A […]

Copper Utility Pole Bottom Plate

The EGP100 copper grounding plate, part of the ERITECH® line of Facility Electrical Protection products from ERICO, is installed on the base of a wooden pole and is used as […]

Fence and Gate Post Clamps

Fence and Gate Post Clamps, part of the ERITECH® line of Facility Electrical Protection products from ERICO®, help protect your valuable facilities, equipment and personnel when lightning or other transient […]

Lightning Event Counters

The LEC-IVR Lightning Event Counter, part of the ERITECH® line of facility electrical protection products from ERICO®, registers and records the number of strikes handled by a lightning downconductor. Based […]

CRITEC® DSD(DC) Series – DIN Surge Diverter

The DSD12/24 surge diverter has been designed as a general-purpose transient barrier for the protection of low voltage circuits such as those used in fire and security systems. The narrow […]

SES40 Service Entrance Suppression

Lightning transients and surges are a major cause of expensive electronic equipment failure and business disruption. Damage to computers, data and communications may occur, as well as a loss of […]

TDS50 Series of Surge Protective Devices

Transient voltages and surges are a major cause of equipment failure and system disruption. The TDS50 series of surge protective devices, part of the ERITECH® line of facility electrical protection […]

The Compact Surge Reduction Filter

No need to purchase a short-lived device to get maximum protection for your critical equipment. The robust TSG handles high surge energies, and the True L-C filter and Transient Discriminating […]

ERITECH® Copper-bonded Ground Rods

Official ERICO copper ground rod distributor in Perth, WA. In a grounding system, the ground electrode provides the physical connection to the earth and is the instrument used to dissipate […]

Isolated Downconductor System

Modern buildings frequently contain rooftop mounted heating/cooling systems and an array of communication antenna. Traditional methods of lightning protection, such as air terminals (Franklin Lightning Rods) and a network of […]