CADWELD® Connections (High Current Busbars)

CADWELD® Connections (High Current Busbars)

The CADWELD process is a method of making welded electrical connections of aluminum to aluminum, copper to copper, and copper to steel in which no external sources of heat, such […]

CADWELD® Connections for Power Feed & Return

CADWELD® Connections for Power Feed & Return

Regardless of usage and ampacity required, ERICO can provide the materials needed to connect a wide range of cable sizes to a variety of rail types. Our complete line of […]

CADWELD connections

CADWELD® Connections for Train Control & Neg Power Return

Service time and over 100 million installed bonds prove that the CADWELD Process provides the ultimate in desirable features for railroad signal bonding. ERICO provides an offering of both rail […]

CADWELD High Voltage Cable Conductor Connections

CADWELD® High Voltage Cable Conductor Connections

ERICO has provided the CADWELD range of exothermic welding solutions to numerous cable manufacturers and installers around the world over many decades. CADWELD  high voltage cable conductor connections uses a […]

Impedance Bond

Impedance Bond Leads

CADWELD® prefabricated impedance bond side leads incorporate a Type W terminal on a flexible length of cable including CADWELD tinned copper lugs.