CADWELD CADLOK Anode Contact Connection System


CADWELD® CADLOK Anode Contact Connection System

CADWELD CADLOK is a system of connecting copper anode contacts to an aluminum busbar for primary pre-bake aluminum smelting.

Traditional MIG welding poses several inherent problems, including the need to drop the load or shut off the power prior to welding because of the electromagnetic field generated. The new CADWELD CADLOK connection system solves many of the problems associated with traditional anode contact connections.


  • Off-line and on-line connections – no line drops and no lost production due to downtime
  • Saves money
  • New installations or repairs
  • Connects in a magnetic environment
  • Adapts to any bus – standard shape
  • Unique locking grooves
  • Increased surface area in busbar weld
  • Reduced arcing – decreases potential for damaged surfaces
  • Less resistance – copper contact to copper rod Improved efficiency
  • No external power source required
  • Reduction of power losses


CADLOK has been designed specifically for connecting copper anode contacts to an aluminum busbar for primary pre-bake aluminum smelting.

More Information

4 primary components work together to make CADLOK connections the best solution today for repairs or new installations:

1. mold
2. weld metal
3. contact
4. support fixtures


The CADWELD chemical reaction produces a molten metallic aluminum composition. This molten material flows through the mold and between the interlocking grooves of the CADLOK contact, thus “exothermically welding” itself to the busbar. In seconds the reaction is complete and a molecular bond is created.

CADLOK Installation

CADLOK is simple to install. ERICO offers hands-on training forCADLOK connections at no additional cost. If you prefer, ERICO personnel can provide the installation for you.

Cadweld CadLok Installation - Step 1 Cadweld CadLok Installation - Step 2 Cadweld CadLok Installation - Step 3 Cadweld CadLok Installation - Step 4
Step 1
Grind and clean the busbar where new CADLOK contacts will be mounted.
Step 2
Attach bracket tightly to busbar. Insert CADLOK contact and batting material into the mold. Fasten.
Step 3
Introduce the CADWELD welding materials into the mold.
Step 4
Close the mold and initiate the chemical reaction with the flint igniter.



CADLOK Anode Contact Connections for Primary Pre-Bake Aluminum Smelting