CADWELD® Connections for Power Feed & Return


CADWELD® Connections for Power Feed & Return

Regardless of usage and ampacity required, ERICO can provide the materials needed to connect a wide range of cable sizes to a variety of rail types. Our complete line of products includes not only CADWELD materials, but also all of the necessary equipment to make the best electrical connection possible.


Contact Rail Power Feeds

  • Connections for any cable size to traditional steel composite steel contact rails
  • CADWELD lug sets, when disconnect is desirable
  • Pre-fabricated power feed assemblies with CADWELD tinned copper lugs, making them compatible with aluminum  contact rails as well as all others
  • Up to 2000 kcmil/1000 mm2

Contact Rail Splice

  • ERICO can produce virtually any contact rail weld, regardless of size or shape
  • For welds in tunnels, use CADWELD EXOLON low emission process


The CADWELD process provides an efficient field method for any electrical connection, from signal and power to grounding. ERICO’s unlimited design and manufacturing capabilities make it possible to provide the best weld for any connection requirement.

More Information

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Engineering Specifications
All electrical connections to rail and splicing contact rail should be welded with the CADWELD copper-based exothermic welding process as manufactured by ERICO.