Introducing CADWELD PLUS system – the welded connection that will never loosen, corrode or increase in resistance.

This trusted system features a CADWELD PLUS cup design for the integrated welding material package which has streamlined the installation process by eliminating ignition materials.


  • The CADWELD PLUS System offers all the benefits of conventional CADWELD connections and more . . .
  • Consists of a tamper proof, disposable, moisture resistant welding material cup. The welding material, disk and ignition source are incorporated into the self-contained package
  • Color coded welding material reduces risk of misapplication and gives a simple visual verification of the correct welding material size
  • Electronic Control Unit means no starting material is required and makes ignition very easy
  • Six foot or fifteen foot control unit lead gives increased flexibility in hard to reach areas


Designed for use in all standard CADWELD molds, including CADWELD® MULTI.

More Information

CADWELD PLUS system cutaway view
Cutaway view of CADWELD PLUS
CADWELD PLUS system weld metalCADWELD PLUS Welding Material comes in color-coded packages to reduce risk of misapplication.

CADWELD PLUS Installation

Cadweld Plus system CADWELD PLUS system installation - step 2
Step 1
Insert CADWELD PLUS package into mold.
Step 2
Attach Control Unit termination clip to ignition strip. Place baffle onto mold.
CADWELD PLUS installation - step 3 CADWELD PLUS installation - step 4
Step 3
Press and hold Control Unit switch and wait for ignition.
Step 4
Open the mold and remove the expended steel cup – no special disposal required.

CADWELD molds are now shipping with integral graphite baffles suitable for use with CADWELD PLUS.


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