CADWELD Welded Electrical Connections


cadweld welded electrical connections

Connections are often the weak point in ground circuits, especially if they are subjected to high currents and corrosion. The capacity of a grounding circuit to protect property and personnel depends on the quality of its connections. Only the CADWELD welded electrical connections and exothermic system can provide the permanent, low-resistance connection needed to create a long-lasting, reliable grounding network.


  • Current carrying (fusing) capacity equal to that of the conductor
  • Will not deteriorate with age
  • Permanent molecular bond that cannot loosen or corrode over time
  • Will withstand repeated faults
  • Low labor costs
  • Made with inexpensive, lightweight and portable equipment
  • No special skills are required
  • No external power or heat required
  • Can be checked for quality by visual inspection


ERICO offers many different CADWELD molds to suit virtually any application or connection requirement.  See the CADWELD online catalog in Software & Downloads to help select the best mold for your bonding application.

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