CRITEC® CSP Series – Coaxial Surge Protector


RITEC® CSP Series - Coaxial Surge Protector

These surge diverters offer economical and reliable protection from transients on coaxial antenna RF feeders cables.

They are comprised of a leadless gas discharge tube (gas arrester) housed in a chrome plated brass block. Careful design and precision machining has allowed the match between the characteristic impedance of the unit and the cable to be optimized. This attention to detail has resulted in a unit capable of operating at typical power and frequency levels of 1000W and 3GHz respectively, whilst minimizing the insertion and return losses.

For protection of equipment connected to Cable TV lines or antennas, ERICO offers the CATV HF. For the protection of security cameras and other CCTV circuits, ERICO offers the CCTV12.


  • Robust design
  • Simple plug-in installation
  • CSP models to suit N and BNC cable terminations
  • CSP bulkhead N-type versions available
  • High impulse current rating (20kA 8/20µs)
  • Wide operating frequency spectrum
  • Low insertion and return loss
  • Mounting bracket and ground lead included
  • CE approved


  • Bulkhead mount
    • A convenient mechanical arrangement for termination and protection of coaxial cables at a comunication site’s point-of-entry
  • In-Line installation
    • Generally used for direct connection to the radio equipment antenna port, or in line with the coaxial feed

More Information

Application Example
Telecommunications Tower

How to Choose the Correct CSP
For RF circuit protection the CSP is available with a choice of two nominal clamping voltages. The selection of the CSP unit is based on the peak transmitting power of the communication circuit. From this the peak circuit voltage is calculated and the CSP with the next highest clamping voltage is selected.

The formula is:

Vpeak = VSWR x 1.4 x Sqrt(50 x Transmit Power)

Where VSWR is the Voltage Standing Wave Ratio (use 1.5 if unsure) and Transmit Power is in Watts.

If Vpeak <72V use CSPxxx90
If Vpeak >72V & <480V use CSPxxx600

Ordering Information

Part No. Part No.
for Europe
CSP NMF 90 700310 N-Type M to F, 72-108V
CSP NMF 600 700355 N-Type M to F, 480-720V
CSP BNC 90 700360 BNC-Type M to F, 72-108V
CSP BNC 600 700405 BNC-Type M to F, 480-720V
CSP NB 90 700410 Bulkhead N-Type F to F, 72-108V
CSP NB 600 700455 Bulkhead N-Type F to F, 480-720V