CRITEC® SLP1 RJ11 Series


CRITEC® SLP1 RJ11 Series

The SLP1 RJ11 is designed to protect sensitive telecommunications equipment connecting to the telephone network via RJ11 plugs. The SLP1RJ11A is A-Tick approved for use in Australia and offers a higher surge rating.


  • Simple plug-in operation
  • Multi-stage protection technology
  • Line-to-line and line-to-ground protection
  • 4 & 6 position RJ plugs accepted
  • SLP1 RJ11 UL Listed, 500A rated
  • SLP1 RJ11A A-Tick (for use in Australia), 20kA rated


Telephone/modem systems including:

  • Industrial modems
  • Point-of-sale equipment
  • Vending machines
  • Fax machines
  • Security systems, fire alarms and other dial-up modems

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CRITEC SLP1 RJ11 Series application

Ordering Information

Part No. Description Approvals
SLP1 RJ11 RJ11 Telephone Protector UL
SLP1 RJ11A RJ11 Telephone Protector A-Tick