CRITEC® TDSSC – Surge Counter


CRITEC® TDSSC - Surge Counter

This is a companion product to CRITEC® SPDs and can be used for site monitoring, building information management and predictive maintenance. The TDS-Surge Counter allows accurate and reliable recording of the number of impulses diverted by monitoring the surge current flow. It is powered by the surge energy and no additional power supply or batteries are required. The Current Transformer (CT) provides isolation from the measured circuit and allows monitoring of multiple diverters/filters.


  • No power supply or batteries required
  • Multiple SPDs can be monitored
  • Accidental erasure prevented
  • ERICO Surge Products are covered by an extended warranty; see the attached document for more information


  • Used where a record of the number of surges and impulses is required:
    • Site monitoring
    • Building information management
    • Predictive maintenance

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Part No. Part No.for Europe Description
TDS SC 701250 Optional TDS Surge Counter with CT


TDS-DINLINE Surge Suppressor Installation Instructions

Surge 5 Year Warranty