CRITEC® TSG-SRF Series – Triggered Spark Gap SRF


CRITEC® TSG-SRF Series - Triggered Spark Gap SRF

ERICO’s core state-of-the-art technologies, including Triggered Spark Gap (TSG) and Transient Discriminating (TD) have been combined with efficient low-pass filtering to provide premium performance Surge Reduction Filter Technology.


  • Incorporates TSG and TDS technologies
  • High surge rating 130kA (8/20µs), 50kA (10/350µs)
  • Designed for lowest possible let-through voltage under all surge magnitudes
  • Unsurpassed lifetime
  • Housed within a compact enclosure with escutcheon panel for personnel safety
  • High temporary over-voltage withstand to ensure safe operation and extended lifetime in real-world conditions
  • Designed to both the IEC and UL standards
  • Approved to AS3100, C-Tick, Certificate of Suitability


Surge Reduction Filters should be used at the point-of-entry to a facility for protection of sensitive equipment, or installed downstream of the point-of-entry diverters to protect dedicated systems and equipment.

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Ordering Information

Order Code Description
TSG SRF140 TSG, SRF, 1 PH, 40A, 220 to 275V
TSG SRF163 TSG, SRF, 1 PH, 63A, 220 to 275V
TSG SRF1125 TSG, SRF, 1 PH, 125A, 220 to 275V
TSG SRF340 TSG, SRF, 3 PH, 40A, 220 to 275V
TSG SRF363 TSG, SRF, 3 PH, 63A, 220 to 275V
TSG-SRF3125 TSG, SRF, 3 PH, 125A, 220 to 275V
TSG SRF3200 TSG, SRF, 3 PH, 200A, 220 to 275V
TSG SRF3400 TSG, SRF, 3 PH, 400A, 220 to 275V
TSG SRF3630 TSG, SRF, 3 PH, 630A, 220 to 275V
TSG SRF31250 TSG, SRF, 3 PH, 1250A, 220 to 275V
TSG SRF32000 TSG, SRF, 3 PH, 2000A, 220 to 275V


Eritech Technical Note 006

TSG-SRF Installation and Operating Instructions