CSP – Coaxial Surge Protection


Coaxial Surge Protection

The Coaxial Surge Protector (CSP) family of surge diverters is designed to offer robust and reliable surge protection from transients on coaxial antenna RF feeder cables. They are comprised of a leadless gas arrestor housed in a chrome plated brass block. Careful design and precision machining has allowed the match between the characteristic impedance of the unit and the cable to be optimized. This attention to detail has resulted in a unit capable of operating at typical power and frequency levels of 900W and 3GHz respectively, while minimizing the insertion and return losses.


  • Simple plug-in installation
  • Supplied with adjustable right angled grounded mounting block or flying lead ground.
  • Low Insertion and Return Loss
  • Wide Operating Frequency Spectrum
  • Field serviceable, with replaceable gas arrestor
  • ERICO Surge Products are covered by an extended warranty; see the attached document for more information


  • Bulkhead mount
    • A convenient mechanical arrangement for termination and protection of coaxial cables at a comunication site’s point-of-entry
  • In-Line installation
    • Generally used for direct connection to the radio equipment antenna port, or in line with the coaxial feed

More Information

Part No. Description
CSP1NMF90 Coax Surge Protector,90V,N-type,MF
CSP1NMF600 Coax Surge Protector,600V,N-type,MF
CSP1NB90 Coax Surge Protector,90V,N-bulkhead,FF
CSP1NB600 Coax Surge Protector,600V,N-bulkhead,FF
CSP1NBM90 Coax Surge Protector,90V,N-bulkhead,MF
CSP1NBM600 Coax Surge Protector,600V,N-bulkhead,MF
CSP1BNC90 Coax Surge Protector,90V,BNC,MF
CSP1BNC600 Coax Surge Protector,600V,BNC,MF
CSP1F90 Coax Surge Protector,90V,F-type,MF
CSP1F600 Coax Surge Protector,600V,F-type,MF
CSP1SMA90 Coax Surge Protector,90V,SMA,MF
CSP1SMA600 Coax Surge Protector,600V,SMA,MF

Note: To select the appropriate protection voltage, use the following procedure:

  1. Determine the transmitter power in Watts (P).
  2. Determine the VSWR. If unsure, use 1.5.
  3. Vpeak = VSWR x 1.4 x sqrt (50P).
  4. If Vpeak < 72V, use CSP XXX 90.
    If Vpeak >72V and < 480V, use CSP XXX 600.
  5. Taking this value of VSWR and allowing a little margin, this means that typically the 90V protector is used for Receivers and Transmitters up to 20W, while the 600W protector can be used for transmitters up to 900W.



CSP Coaxial Surge Protection datasheet

Surge 5 Year Warranty