DSD130 (30kA) – DINLINE Surge Diverter


DSD130 (30kA) - DINLINE Surge Diverter

One of the major threats to a business’ electrical equipment can come from power surges and voltage transients. This is not only detrimental to expensive office equipment but can also contribute to business down time.

WAPP stocks the DSD130 series of surge diverters. These cost effective, yet quality surge diverters provide protection to your business equipment from voltage transients on power distribution systems. The DSD130 is specially aimed for the protection of single phase power supplies within instrumentation and control applications. They are appropriately packaged and ready for installation on a 35mm DIN rail within control panels. The Internal thermal disconnect devices makes sure of a safe disconnection at end-of life and has a signal flag to indicate such an event. It also provides handy feedback on the operation.  The DSD130 delivers a set of optional voltage-free contacts for remote signalling when repairs are necessary.  The useful plug-in module and separate base design enables replacement of a failed surge module without requiring any work on the installation wiring.


  • 15kA 8/20µs surge rating per mode
  • Compact package, modular DIN rail mounting for limited space requirements
  • Three types of protection: L-N, L-PE & N-PE
  • Indication flags and voltage-free contacts provide remote status monitoring
  • Separate plug and base design facilitates replacement of a failed surge module
  • ERICO Surge Products are covered by an extended warranty; see the attached document for more information

* Other operating voltages may be available upon application.

More Information

Part No. Part No.for Europe Description
DSD1301BR275 702720 Surge Diverter, Modular, 275V, 15kA per mode, 3 Mode

CE, IEC® 61643-1

Surge Rated to Meet:
ANSI®/IEEE® C62.41.2 Cat A, Cat B, Cat C
IEC 61643-1 Class II
IEC 61643-1 Class III

ANSI is a registered trademark of the American National Standards Institute.  IEC is a registered trademark of the International Electrotechnical Commission.  IEEE is a registered trademark of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, Incorporated.  NEMA is a registered trademark of the National Electrical Manufacturers Association.  UL is a registered trademark of Underwriters Laboratories, Inc.


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Surge 5 Year Warranty