Early Streamer Emission Terminal


Early Streamer Emission Terminal

ERICO INTERCEPTOR ESE i-Series generates controlled magnitude and frequency pulses at the tip of the terminal during high static fields prior to a lightning discharge. This enables the creation of an upward leader from the terminal that propagates toward the downward leader coming from the thunder cloud.

These early streamer emission air terminals (ESEAT) are in accordance with the 2011 edition of NFC 17-102. The design requirements, protection level calculations and protection radius are obtained from this standard. Due to the internal control circuit, the ERICO INTERCEPTOR ESE i-Series enables the early launching of an upward leader compared to other passive components.

The ERICO INTERCEPTOR ESE i-Series has been extensively tested at an independent high-voltage laboratory in accordance with the revised 2011 requirements of French NFC 17-102. The testing, as defined in the standard, was designed to simulate naturally occurring conditions and allow comparison of the performance between differing types of lightning protection systems.


  • Designed and tested to NF C 17-102 and similar standards
  • Available in three models to suit specific site requirements
  • Suitable for use with a variety of downconductor systems including tape, stranded conductor and ERICO® ERICORE conductor



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Material: Stainless Steel 304L
Part Number Triggered Advance Effective Projected Area Temperature Diameter Height Thread Size Unit Weight
SI25I 25 µs 17,613 mm² 120 °C Max 28 mm 684.6 mm MF25 1.53 kg
SI40I 40 µs 16,710 mm² 120 °C Max 28 mm 684.6 mm MF25 1.36 kg
SI60I 60 µs 17,355 mm² 120 °C Max 28 mm 684.6 mm MF25 1.45 kg


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