EK16/EK17 Direct Burial Ground Clamp


EK16/EK17 Direct Burial Ground Clamp

The new EK16 and EK17 Direct-Burial Ground Clamp from ERICO® is a time-saving, cost-effective versatile product that combines four clamps into one. This unique bronze-alloy grounding clamp with bronze screws consolidates separate rebar clamps, ground rod clamps, water pipe clamps and direct-burial water pipe clamps into one product, enabling contractors to save room on their trucks and distributors to save room on their shelves.

The UL®-listed product can be used with rebar, water pipes and ground rods. The clamp cuts installation time by allowing the contractor to pre-set the clamp on a piece of rebar or water pipe. After all of the clamps have been set, the ground conductor can then be installed using the clamp’s unique “lay-in” feature. Rather than threading the ground wire through a hole to make a continuous loop, the contractor can simply lay the conductor in the channel and tighten the setscrew without any time-consuming threading.


  • Lay-in feature cuts installation time
  • Bronze alloy construction with bronze screws
  • Approved for direct burial in earth and concrete
  • Pipe range from 1/2” (12.7 mm) to 1” (25.4 mm)
  • Rebar range from #4 (10 mm) to #8 (25 mm)
  • Ground rod range from 1/2” (12.7 mm) to 1” (25.4 mm)
  • Conductor range from #10 (5.5 mm sq) to #2 (25 mm sq)
  • UL listed


Ideal for swimming pool grounding, light poles and direct-burial applications in both earth and concrete.

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 Part Number  UPC Code  Description  Qty./Box
 EK16  78285657555  Parallel direct-burial ground clamp.  50
 EK 17  78285657558  Perpendicular direct-burial ground clamp.  50


 Conductor Size  Rebar Size
 AWG  Metric  U.S.  Metric
 #10 – #2  5.5 mm sq. to 25 mm sq.  #4 – #8  10 mm – 25 mm


EK16 or EK17 Direct Burial Ground Clamp