ERICO® ERICORE Fiberglass Mast


ERICO® ERICORE Fiberglass Mast

WAPP offers ERICO® ERICORE Fiberglass Mast.


  • Non-conductive mast section for air terminals using insulated down conductor

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Material: Fiberglass
Part Number Article Number Length Thickness Outer Diameter Color Unit Weight
FRP2MBLACK 702030 2.0 m 4 mm 68 mm Black 5.0 kg
FRP2MGREY 2.0 m 4 mm 68 mm Gray 5.0 kg
FRP2MWHITE 702040 2.0 m 4 mm 68 mm White 5.0 kg
FRP4.6MBLACK 702045 4.6 m 4 mm 68 mm Black 11.5 kg

Due to a policy of continued product development, specifications are subject to change without notice.
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Classification/Marshalling Yards Protection

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