Eritech System 1000 Interceptor SI Series

The ERICO® SYSTEM 1000 is a family of products designed around the NFC 17 102 standard. It includes terminals, masts, down conductors and a complete grounding system to provide a comprehensive lightning protection solution.

The 2011 revision of the French NFC 17-102 has defined more rigorous environmental and performance criteria during terminal testing and has created a higher standard for early streamer emission terminals. The requirements of this standard became effective in September 2012.

The ERICO® INTERCEPTOR ESE i-Series encompasses three air terminal models. The terminals have been extensively tested in an independent high-voltage laboratory to ensure that our products exceed the requirements of NFC17-102 and UNE-21186. More information is available in the catalog below or through your local ERICO SYSTEM 1000 sales representative.


  • Designed and tested to NFC17-102 and UNE-21186
  • Stainless Steel design suitable for most environments
  • Available in three models to suit specific site requirements
  • Suitable for connection to a variety of downconductor systems including tape, cable, smooth-weave and ERICO® ERICORE conductor


The application of the ERICO INTERCEPTOR SI Series is simplified by LPSD, ERICO’s proprietary Lightning Protection System Designer Software, to provide the highest levels of lightning protection to the NFC and UNE country standards. Based upon individual site parameters, such as structure dimensions, terminal type and protection level, each LPSD design is customized for the project and provides elevation, 3D and plan views resulting in specific designs optimized for your facility.



ERITECH SYSTEM 1000 – ESE Lightning Protection Products

ERICO SYSTEM 1000 Instruction Manual

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