ERIFLEX® FLEXIBAR and Power Flexibles



ERICO offers a large range of power flexibles (close to 100 different sizes), including ERIFLEX® FLEXIBAR insulated flexible busbar, braided power shunts and presswelded power shunts.



  • Consists of a stack of thin electrolytic copper laminates (available in plain or tin plated) and protected within a durable PVC insulation
  • Internal copper laminates are free to slide within the insulation, offering a wide variety of twisting and bending possibilities for panelboard assembly
  • Weight and volume savings for panels
  • Improved design flexibility
  • Saves time during installation
  • Improves safety and reliability of panels
  • Tools and accessories also available

Ground & Braided Power Shunts

  • Undrilled palms to customer’s specific designs, fitted by power press
  • Extra-flexible power connections (expansion rings, busbar etc)
  • Tinned electrolytic copper strand – diameter 0.15 mm

Presswelded Power Shunts

  • Press welding is welding of laminations to each other through direct current applied to pieces under pressure. This results in the formation of a solid palm with properties of plain bar
  • Smaller cross-section for same capacity
  • Runs cooler than equal section
  • Plain copper, thickness of laminations 0.3 mm


ERIFLEX FLEXIBAR flexible busbar can be used on all types of connections on low-voltage industrial power distribution and control.

  • Alternative to large and small cables
  • Alternative to rigid busbar sets
  • Connections between a main busbar and distribution equipment (contactors, circuit-breakers, switches, etc.)
  • Connections between a transformer and a bus-duct
  • Connections between a bus-duct and an electrical cabinet
  • Expansion joint


Custom part fabrication with ERIFLEX FLEXIBAR is relatively easy and can be accomplished with standard tools. For small quantities, ordinary hand tools are adequate. When fabricating large quantities, dedicated production tooling is more cost-effective.

More Information

ERIFLEX FLEXIBAR Flexible Insulated Busbar Braided Power Shunts &
Presswelded Power Shunts
ERIFLEX FLEXIBAR Characteristics
Eriflex FLEXIBAR Flexible Insulated Busbar characteristics
  • ERIFLEX FLEXIBAR is UL® Recognized and CSA certified. The black insulation is moisture resistant, flame (VW-1) and UV retardant, and self-extinguishing (UL 94 V0).
  • ERIFLEX FLEXIBAR connections are made by punching directly through the laminates. Since there are no lugs to purchase, fewer parts are required. Installation is simpler and faster.
  • ERIFLEX FLEXIBAR is formed with multiple layers of thin, electrolytic copper.
  • Easily formed, ERIFLEX FLEXIBAR holds its shape, increasing the efficiency of your designs. When bending the conductor into place, its laminates slide freely within the insulation, conforming to your design configurations.