ERITECH® Cable Splicer LP502


ERITECH® Cable Splicer LP502

ERICO introduces the ERITECH LP502 cable splicer. The new cable splice features “spring-like” properties and well defined protrusions to prevent loosening over time, and ensure high cable pullout strength. The ERITECH cable splicer exceeds the strength and cable pullout requirements of UL96, the components standard for lightning protection products.

To be used as part of the complete ERITECH System 2000 product range, the LP502 is designed to meet the requirements of UL96 for both Class I and II applications.


  • Stamped from either high quality copper alloy or aluminum, resulting in high strength, improved corrosion resistance and a “spring-like” property that ensure reliable connections over extended periods of time
  • Suitable for use with Class I up to 4/0 cable sizes
  • Exceeds the minimum 200lbs cable pullout strength requirement
  • Listed as Class I / II under UL96
  • Also available as tinned and bi-metallic variants


Suitable for use with the complete ERITECH System 2000 lightning protection product range. Please contact ERICO or your nearest ERICO representative for a guide to the complete details on the design and installation of your lightning protection system.

The ERITECH System 2000 product range includes products designed to meet the UL96 component standard.  It is also designed for application to your local standard, including but not limited to NFPA780, BS6551, NFC17-100 and IEC61024.

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Ordering Information
 Part Number  Description
 LPA502  Cable Splice, Aluminium, 1 1/2″ contact
 LPC502  Cable Splice, Copper, 1 1/2″ contact
 LPC502A  Cable Splice, Bimetallic, 1 1/2″ contact
 LPC502L  Cable Splice, Tinned Copper, 1 1/2″ contact