With almost two decades of successful field application, the ERITECH® SYSTEM 3000 was expanded in 2004 with the addition of the ERITECH® INTERCEPTOR MKIV air terminal.

The ERITECH INTERCEPTOR MKIV is designed for low rise, small scale applications and is height limited to less than 20m from ground level. The product is fully compatible with other ERITECH SYSTEM 3000 components, such as the ERITECH SYSTEM 3000 mast hardware, ERITECH® ERICORE downconductor and accessories.
ERICO is involved in the lightning protection industry in many countries around the world and hence acknowledges the diverse protection methods that exist today.

The ERITECH SYSTEM 3000 integrated direct strike protection system provides protection for structures, buildings and their occupants against the effects of direct lightning strikes.


  • Advanced lightning system based on latest lightning research and technology.
  • Location of air terminal(s) on structure is determined using LPSD, ERICO’s proprietary Lightning Protection System Designer package.
  • Collection Volume design principle used by LPSD resulting in effective lightning protection coverage.
  • Economical and easy to install.


  • The ERITECH SYSTEM 3000 can be used wherever there is the possibility of direct lightning strikes that may affect valuable equipment and/or facilities.
  • These include communications towers, television stations, oil/gas platforms, high rise buildings, schools, hospitals, factories, and explosive/volatile fuel storage areas.
  • Applications that require the benefit of an isolated protection system would benefit in particular using the ERITECH SYSTEM 3000.