ERITECH® Mechanical Signal Reference Grid (SRG) System


Signal Reference Grid system

The new ERITECH® Mechanical Signal Reference Grid system allows for fast, simple and economical field construction of wire signal reference grids used in computer room grounding. In addition to cross-wire connections, each connector will also accommodate an additional pigtail that can be used to connect the grid to pedestals, building steel, and equipment. A raised-floor pedestal mounting bracket is also available to simplify retrofit installations. The UL® Listed product is also rated for direct burial allowing it to be used for below-grade equipotential mat and mesh construction. The connector will accomodate any combination of #4 or #6 solid or stranded conductors making it suitable for the majority of SRG applications.


  • UL Listed as a Signal Reference Grid Connector and for direct burial
  • Accepts up to 3 conductors allowing for grid and pigtail construction using only one connector
  • Heavy-duty bronze clamp and mounting bracket with stainless steel hardware
  • Unique single-bolt connector design


  • Full code compliance (NEC® Article 250)
  • Reduces number of connectors needed for installation by allowing X, T and splice connections
  • Reduces material costs and labor costs
  • Simplifies construction, as conductors do not have to be bent to form grid pattern
  • Eliminates need for separate mounting brackets for different pedestal types


  • Accommodates perpendicular conductors on the same plane
  • Accepts #4 and #6 stranded and solid conductor
  • Mounting bracket will fit on round or square pedestals up to 1-1/8″ O.D.

More Information

Signal Reference Grid system SRGC46                Signal Reference Grid system SRGC46BR

 Part Number  Description
 SRGC46  SRG Connector for #4 and #6 AWG solid or stranded conductor.
 SRGC46BR  Pedestal mounting bracket for 7/8″ square or 1″ round pedestals.


ERITECH Signal Reference Grid Connector data sheet