LPC790 Lightning Protection Ground Rod Clamp


eritech system 2000 clamp

Stronger Than a Cast Clamp
The LPC790 Lightning Protection Ground Rod Clamp, part of the ERITECH® line from ERICO®, is made from high-conductivity bronze and features stainless steel bolts and threaded, high-strength rivet nuts.

Unique stamped body design will not crack as mechanical forces are increased
The stainless-steel threads will not strip if over-tightened
Unique internal profile offers pull-out load in excess of four times the UL® 96 requirement

One Clamp Fits All
Fits ground rods from 1/2” – 3/4” (12.7 mm – 19 mm)
Secures Class I and II conductors from #2 – 2/0 stranded (35 mm2 – 70 mm2)
Replaces three existing ERICO cast clamps: LPC791, -792, -793


  • Stainless steel threads will not strip
  • Unique stamped body design will not crack with excessive torque
  • Ridged interior provides four times the required pull-out strength
  • One part to stock and install
  • Accommodates 1/2” through 3/4” ground rods
  • Compatible with copper, copper-bonded and stainless steel ground rods and electrodes
  • UL® 96 Listed
  • Patent Pending


A simple way to tie lightning conductors to ground.

More Information

Part No. Ground Rod Size Conductor Sizes Min. Torque Withstand UPC Code Qty. per Pkg.
LPC790 1/2” – 3/4” #2 – 2/0 AWG 300 in-lbs 78285661114 25
12.7 mm – 19 mm 35 mm2– 70 mm2 34 N m

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