Flying Lead (EPD120240TDFL)


Flying Lead (EPD120240TDFL)

ERICO’s Flying Lead (EPD120/240TDFL) has been specially designed for the rail industry to provide surge protection that exceeds AREMA requirements and industry standards. It utilizes ERICO’s patented Transient Discriminating (TD) technology, thus providing proven protection from transient surges, over-voltages and electrical line noise. It is a low cost, economical way to protect sensitive electronic systems.


  • Uses a hybrid Transient Voltage Surge Suppression (TVSS) filter device that incorporates TD technology
  • Capacitive filtering and voltage dependent metal oxide varistors provide high-energy surge suppression (206kA, 8/20µs)
  • Active parallel filter removes common disturbances in electrical environment
  • Load Center mounted (either side)
  • Flying Lead monitors status of surge suppression components in each phase
  • Five year warranty


The EPD120/240TDFL is used on sub panels and small main panels to safeguard against transients and EMI/RFI noise. The unit is designed for 120/240 VAC WYE systems. This low cost unit provides 206kA (8/20µ) of surge current protection with 40 dB noise attenuation at 100 kHz.


EPD120 240TDFL Primary Protection Device

ERICO EPD120 240TDFL – Primary Surge Protection Installation Instructions