Galvanized Air Terminal Support, Non-Penetrating Base


Galvanized Air Terminal Support, Non-Penetrating Base

WAPP offers Galvanized Air Terminal Support, Non-Penetrating Base.


  • Provides additional support for long air terminals
  • For use with hot pitch, roofing compound or commercial adhesive on membrane surfaces or other locations where holes cannot be made
  • All joints welded prior to galvanizing


More Information

Material: Steel
Finish: Electrogalvanized
Part Number Height Air Terminal Height Hole Size Unit Weight
LPG36058 355.6 mm 610 mm Max 17.78 mm 0.395 kg
LPG36158 457.2 mm 762 mm Max 17.78 mm 0.454 kg
LPG36258 609.6 mm 1,016 mm Max 17.78 mm 0.580 kg
LPG36358 914.4 mm 1,524 mm Max 17.78 mm 0.802 kg
LPG36458 1,219.2 mm 2,134 mm Max 17.78 mm 1.038 kg

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