Grounding Braids


Grounding Braids

ERIFLEX® Grounding Braids from ERICO® consist of tinned, electrolytic, woven copper wire. Each braid has solid hole-punched ends for easy connection. Grounding Braids are the first cost effective alternative to grounding cables with crimped lugs.


  • Requires less physical space
  • Eliminates the cost of lugs
  • Direct connect – improved performance
  • Greater tensile strength
  • Rounded ends – no fraying
  • Requires less assembly time
  • Greater vibration and fatigue resistance
  • Improved aesthetics

ERIFLEX Grounding Braids with Integral Palms (MBJ, BJ) 

  • Higher electrical contact
  • Resistance to vibration and fatigue
  • Recommended for EMI protection
  • Excellent tensile strength
  • Tinned electrolytic copper 0.15 mm wire
  • Possible to bend very close to contact area
  • Working temperature up to 105°C

FTCB 15 – Flat Tinned Copper Braids

  • Standard wire diameter – 0.15 mm
  • 25 m coils

FTCB 20 – Flat Tinned Copper Braids

  • Standard wire diameter – 0.20 mm
  • Extra long reels

FRCB 15 – Flat Plain Copper Braids

  • Standard wire diameter – 0.15 mm
  • 25 m coils


ERIFLEX grounding braids can be used for any grounding and bonding power connection. Because of their lowest contact resistance, they are particularly adapted to decrease EMC problems.

Custom Solutions

ERICO can provide made-to-order custom configurations to your drawing specifications. ERIFLEX copper braids can be made to custom lengths, widths, thicknesses and hole patterns, with PVC installation, in flat or tubular shapes, in continuous coils or with soldered studs or crimped lugs. Contact ERICO for further information.

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Grounding braids application copper braid
Grounding Braids Application Copper Braids