LCP – Loadcell Protector


LCP - Loadcell Protector

The Loadcell Protector (LCP) series is designed to provide protection to load cells from lightning induced transients. Experience has shown that the strain gauge bridge is easily damaged by surge and transients. Industrial cranes are also prime targets for lightning strikes. The LCP is well suited to such applications to help provide protection for plate cells, tension cells and load pin cells installed on cranes. The LCP is designed for 4 or 6 wire systems. Protection of the bridge, as well as the excitation voltage source is provided, using low capacitance clamping devices in order to avoid ground loop problems.


  • 6 wires and shield protection – works with 4 or 6 wire systems
  • Suitable for compression or tension cells
  • Low series impedance – loadcells do not need recalibration
  • NEMA-12 (IP-55) rated – suitable for outdoor use
  • Helps protect against excitation over-voltage – helps prevent loadcell damage


  • Load, plate and tension cells
  • Strain gauges, tensiometers and load pins
    • Cranes
    • Weigh bridges (quarries, cement suppliers, grain merchants, transportation enforcement authorities)

More Information

Part No. Part No.
for Europe
LCP01A 701610 30V clamp, Screw terminals for 4 or 6 wire loadcells


LCP data sheet

LCP Loadcell Protector Schematic Diagram

Surge 5 Year Warranty