PEC – Potential Equalization Clamp


PEC - Potential Equalization Clamp

The PEC is an equipotential bonding device that can be used to minimize damage in applications where separated ground systems are required. The PEC100 model is ATEX approved making the device suitable for use in explosion hazard areas such as the protection of pipeline insulated joints. The PEC150 model is a higher surge rated product for more exposed locations subject to partial direct lightning strike.


  • High peak current capability – long service life
  • Weatherproof enclosure – suitable for direct burial
  • The PEC100 is ATEX approved – suitable for use in potentially explosive atmospheres
  • The PEC150 offers a higher surge rating of 50kA 10/350s specially designed for Class N (Normal Duty) to EN50164-3.
  • ERICO Surge Products are covered by an extended warranty; see the attached document for more information


  • Equipotential bonding of systems with separate ground systems
  • Protection of oil and gas pipe line insulated joints

More Information

Part No. Description Approvals
PEC100 Potential Equalization Clamp, 100kA, 350V CE, ATEX, BASEEFA Approved,
IEC60079-0-15, IEC EX Approval
PEC150 Potential Equalization Clamp, 150kA, 800V CE, EN50164-3:2004 N (normal

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PEC Potential Equilization Clamp, datasheet

Surge 5 Year Warranty