Rail Tools & Equipment (Rail Grinders)


rail grinder

A key element in rail bond connections is rail preparation, and the ERICO® rail grinder are designed to assist in this preparation for the best connection to occur.


Portable Rail Grinders

  • Lightweight, portable grinders for preparation of rail surface prior to bonding.
  • Three models:
    • Powerful 2.4 hp two-cycle engine
    • Versatile 1.1 hp four-cycle engine
    • Convenient 18-volt cordless motor

Heavy Duty Grinder

  • 3-1/2 hp rail bond grinder for production bonding
  • Comes complete with
    • Engine mounting base plate
    • Flexible shaft
    • Straight spindle
    • Grinding wheel
    • Guard
  • Accessories offered include grinding wheels, angle spindles, drill attachments, 3 wheel rail dolly and stand-up grinder attachments

Rail Cleaner

  • Type T-34 Rail Cleaner for rail head or web is lightweight and adjustable for all rail sizes
  • Equipped with a round cutting disk for ease of use


Portable Rail Grinders
Designed for maintenance applications, preparation of the rail prior to applying CADWELD® bonds.

Heavy Duty Rail Grinder
3-1/2 hp rail bond grinder for production bonding.

Rail Cleaner
Quick and easy manual method for preparing the head or the web of the rail prior to bonding.

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