RTP – Remote Transmitter Protector


Remote Transmitter Protector

The Remote Transmitter Protector (RTP) is designed for the protection of industrial 4-20mA loop connected transducers. The stainless steel enclosure can be installed in-line with the field conduit, or fitted to the spare transducer connection port. Installation is simplified as the protection circuit can be removed from the enclosure to connect field wiring to the screw terminals. The RTP employs a hybrid three stage clamping circuit to help ensure the best possible protection to sensitive field equipment.


  • 3 stage protection – fine over-voltage protection helps ensure lowest residual surge voltage reaches sensitive equipment
  • Flexible installation – enclosure can be installed “dead ended,” “T” configured or in-line
  • Optimized for protection of 2-wire industrial 4-20mA loops – suitable for exposed locations
  • Supports line currents up to 145mA – protect 24Vdc powered equipment
  • ERICO Surge Products are covered by an extended warranty; see the attached document for more information


Balanced pair signal lines and low voltage secondary power supply systems including:

  • 4-20mA loop connected equipment
  • 24V dc powered transducers and field equipment

More Information

Part No. Part No.
for Europe
RTP3034 700865 Nominal Voltage: 21 VAC, 30 VDC
Voltage Protection Level (8/20µs): L-L 44 V @ 3 kA


Surge Rated to Meet:
ANSI®/IEEE® C62.41.2 Cat A, Cat B, Cat C

ANSI is a registered trademark of the American National Standards Institute.  IEEE is a registered trademark of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, Incorporated.


Data and Signal Line Protection data sheets

Surge 5 Year Warranty