SBG150 Portable Rail Grinder


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The SBG150 is a gas (petrol)-powered portable rail grinder from ERICO® designed for use with rail steel. The SBG150 allows grinding in tight areas and grinds the head and web with the same piece of equipment.

This powerful, lightweight unit has a 39 cc two-cycle engine that is 10% larger than previous models, yet it weighs only 18 lbs (8.2 kg). Designed with operators’ needs in mind, the grinder features an adjustable tool rest that allows the operator to “rest” or support the grinder on top of the rail during use. This helps to eliminate fatigue, and the tool rest can be easily adjusted for proper positioning of the grinding wheel.

The maximum wheel speed is 6,000 rpm, and the power head handle incorporates a base plate to protect the engine from damage. The handle design provides proper balance while in operation, and includes anti-vibration padding to reduce operator fatigue while grinding.

ERICO’s unique organic cleaning wheels effectively prepare the rail surface for applying CADWELD® exothermic welded bonds. These innovative wheels are self-cleaning and leave no resin on the bonding surface.

To reduce the possibility of damage and wear from long-term use, the SBG150 offers a stronger shaft and reduces vibration with increased grinding wheel stability. To make grinding projects less problematic, identical spacers help eliminate guesswork when determining proper spacer placement and a smaller adjustable grinding wheel guard rotates 360º to allow for grinding in tight areas. A redesigned toolbox is also available to help with storage and easy transport.


  • Strong 39 cc two-cycle engine
  • Power head handle incorporates base plate to protect engine from damage
  • Lightweight design weighs only 18 lbs (8.2 kg)
  • Anti-vibration handle reduces operator fatigue and helps provide proper balance while operating the grinder
  • Stronger shaft increases durability of operation
  • Increased grinding wheel stability reduces vibration and wear during operation
  • One piece of equipment to grind head and web
  • Maximum wheel speed is 6,000 rpm
  • Adjustable grinding wheel guard rotates 360° and allows operation in tight areas


For grinding in tight areas and grinding the head and web with the same piece of equipment.

More Information

SBG150 grinds the head and web with only one piece of equipment.


Grinding Wheel Options Slotting Disk  Option
Two sizes of grinding wheels are available; all wheels are designed by ERICO® to properly clean the rail surface. All wheels are self-cleaning and organically bonded, leaving no residue to contaminate the bonding surface. Slotting disks are also available to fit the grinder for trimming rail ends at insulated joints, the removal of bonds and preparing lipped rails. The slotting disks are not recommended to be used for cleaning of rail.


Part Number Description
SBG150 Grinder Only
SBG150WC Grinder with Storage Case

CADWELD® exothermically welded connections bond electrical conductors to the rail without altering the in-service performance characteristics of the rail.