SBM-V Petrol/Gasoline Rail Drills


Rail Drills

The SBM-V range of petrol/gasoline rail drills are designed for smooth, reliable and powerful drilling operation onto the web of existing rail profiles. Now also available as a 4-stroke machine for quieter operation and ease of use, eliminating the need to premix fuel. The machines can take a range of drill sizes from signaling bond hole applications to fishbolt hole size. A wide range of accessories are available: clamping units, drill cutters, along with rail profile and special application templates.


  • Compact and easy to use
  • Powerful 2-stroke, with a 267 rpm spindle speed
  • Quiet 4-stroke, with a 267 rpm spindle speed
  • Lightweight – 13 kg
  • A range of interchangeable templates to suit all common rail profiles
  • Uses industry standard drill cutters


For smooth, reliable and powerful drilling operation.

More Information

Drilling Machine Petrol Powered

Part Description Fuel Weight Drill Hole
inch mm
SBM-VS 267 715685 Rail Drilling Machine, 2-stroke, 267 rpm Mix 1:25 28 lbs
13 kg
15/16″ 8 -36
SBM-V4 715412 Rail Drilling Machine, quiet 4-stroke, 267 rpm No mix 28 lbs
13 kg
3/8” – 1-3/8” 8 -24

Note: When ordering a machine, you must also order a template adapted to the appropriate rail profile.


 Drilling machine
motor controls
 Drilling machine
motor throttle
 Coolant connection
to drilling machine
 Drilling machine
spindle advance lever

Drilling Machine Accessories (for all above)

Part Code Part Number
Part Description
715357 Battery Pack
Coolant Tank 715375 Coolant Tank w/ pump
Tool Set 715395 Tool Set for machine maintenance
715425 Battery Charger
Metal Case Accessories 715515 Metal Carrying Case for drills, cooling pins, other tools
Metal Case Drill 715695 Metal Carrying Case for different drills
BSK1 715360 Clamping device rail head for normal rails; 7 lbs (3 kg)
BSK2 715370 Clamping device rail head for grooved rails; 9 lbs (4 kg)
BSF1 715380 Clamping device rail foot; 9 lbs (4 kg)


 Coolant Tank
 Metal Carrying Case for Tools and Accessories (715515)  Maintenance Tool Kit(715395)
 BSK2 Clamping Device for Grooved (Trolley)
Rail Profiles (715370)
 BSK1 Clamping Device for Standard T Rail Profiles (715360)


ERICO Rail drilling machines SBM-V, SBM-E48V DC, SBM-E230V AC, Data Sheet

SBM-V Petrol or Gasoline Rail Drill Data Sheet