Signal Reference Grids (SRG)


Signal Reference Grids (SRG)

ERICO Signal Reference Grids (SRG’s) provide a low impedance equipotential plane to protect sensitive electronic equipment from transients. Because typical signal voltages are quite low, equipment can be very sensitive to transient noise.


  • Pre-engineered welded grid of copper strips reduces voltage differences between interconnected electronic equipment
  • An effective SRG has many conductors creating a very low impedance to noise at all relevant frequencies (DC to 100MHz). The multiple paths within the SRG allow any noise currents to divide at each intersection which reduces voltage drop
  • Welded connections do not deteriorate, corrode or loosen with time
  • Can be easily field-welded to suit any size computer room
  • Complies with IEEE Standard 1100-1992, and is UL Listed


SRG’s can be used for proper grounding and bonding of sensitive electronic systems, such as telecommunications, RF and computer installations.

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Application Diagram
Signal Reference Grids (SRG)

A = Conductors are typically 50 mm wide x 0.40 mm thickness (#26 AWG) copper strip

B = SRG welded connections

C = Welded connection to pedestal, #6 AWG (4.7 mm)

D = Welded connection to SRG, #6 AWG (4.7 mm)

E = Low impedance riser equipment bond

F = Welded connection, low impedance risers to SRG

G = Power centre ground, #4 AWG (5.9 mm)

H = Welded connection to steel column, #4 AWG (5.9 mm)

J = Pre-engineered sections are up to 16 ft (4.8 m) wide

K = Welded connection to steel column, #6 AWG (4.7 mm)