SLP/HSP – Subscriber Line / High Speed Data Line Protection


subscriber line

The Subscriber Line Protector (SLP) and High Speed Protector (HSP) are designed for the protection of telecommunication and data circuits that terminate on 10 pair Krone-LSA plus disconnect blocks. The DIN rail mount Data Line Termination (DLT) screw terminal block allows these protectors to be used in applications where disconnect blocks are not fitted.

The SLP1 K2 is a single pair protector, suited to protection of traditional voice circuits. The SLP10K1F is a 10 pair protector for voice and high speed data circuits.

The HSP series feature multiple protection stages providing enhanced protection. The K12, 36 and 72 are low voltage units suited to industrial/signaling applications. The K230 is suited to protection of sensitive voice and high speed data circuits.


  • Single and multi-stage protection – primary or combination primary/secondary protectors
  • Single pair and 10 pair protectors
  • Simple installation into Krone-LSA® disconnect block
  • L-L & L-G protection – for comprehensive protection
  • HSP High Speed Protectors support 8Mbit/s digital and 12MHz analog networks
  • ERICO Surge Products are covered by an extended warranty; see the attached document for more information


Krone-LSA Disconnect Block Series

  • Plugs into Krone LSA-Plus disconnect blocks
  • Telephone circuit protection including analog and digital circuits
  • Low voltage versions for industrial signaling circuits

More Information

Part No. Part No.
for Europe
Description Approvals
HSP10K12 700815 Krone 10 Pair, High Speed Protector, 12V C-Tick
HSP10K36 700805 Krone 10 Pair, High Speed Protector, 36V
HSP10K72 700850 Krone 10 Pair, High Speed Protector, 72V
HSP10K230 700860 Krone 10 Pair, High Speed Protector, 230V A-Tick
SLP10K1F 701540 10 pair, single stage protector, 34mm case
SLP1K2 Single Pair, multi-stage protector


SLP or HSP & SLP data sheet

SLP or HSP Installation Instructions, Box Scan

Technical Note TN CR 025, Telecommunications Line Protectors

Surge 5 Year Warranty