TDL 250/400A Four Pole Distribution Blocks


TDL 250 400A Four Pole Distribution Blocks

Four pole distribution blocks, part of the ERIFLEX® line of low-voltage power distribution products from ERICO, feature an improved design with solid bars for greater reliability. The halogen-free TDL 250/400A four pole distribution blocks are IP 10, UL® Recognized hand safe.

The convenient design makes it easy to inspect the wire and confirm the connection. The TDL 250/400A features a tinned copper bar, reinforced plastic parts and large end terminals to help ensure reliable connections.


  • High short circuit withstanding 51 KA
  • Working voltage: 1000 VAC – 1500 VDC per IEC®; 600 V per UL
  • Intensity up to 400A per IEC and UL
  • Easy connections: Input separated from outputs
  • Easy input connection: ERIFLEX® FLEXIBAR – IBS – cable
  • Wiring access from both sides
  • Tinned copper bars: copper or aluminum cables
  • Visual inspection of wire and confirmation of connection
  • Solid bars provide reliability
  • Strong mechanical assembly
  • IP 10 Hand Safe
  • High % of fill ratio
  • Easy fixing: clip on DIN Rail or mount to panel with screws


From a unique input conductor, ERIFLEX FLEXIBAR or cable, the four pole distribution block distributes the current through 14 output cables per phase.

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TDL 250 400A Four Pole Distribution Blocks
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