Wire Mesh, Grounding Grids, Mats & Assemblies


wire mesh, Grounding Grids, Mats & Assemblies

ERICO prefabricated wire mesh mats are convenient, efficient and economical for safe grounding in high voltage installations and wherever large area equipotential grounds are required.


  • Manufactured from copper-clad wire, which combines the strength of steel with excellent conductivity and high corrosion resistance of copper surface coating
  • Both metals are molecularly bonded to each other
  • All of the intersections of the crossing wires are silver brazed with high temperature braze filler which means:
    • very high strength tolerance during installation and durability in the ground
    • outstanding electrical conductivity
    • corrosion resistant
    • temperature rating greater than 450° Celsius – limit for silver brazed connections (IEEE Std 80 1986)


  • Meshes of different dimensions can be buried as ground grids and safety mats in high and medium-voltage utility applications:
    • Wire sizes from 3 mm2 to 21mm2 (AWG #12 to #4)
    • Mesh sizes 51 mm x 51 mm (2″ x 2″) up to 1219 mm x 610 mm (4’ x 2’)
    • High surface area of technically useable ground contact
    • Surface potential gradients minimized
    • Minimizes exposure to “step potentials” and “touch potentials”
  • Other applications include:
    • Earth screen reflectors
    • Electromagnetic screening for high frequency installations
    • Signal reference grids for sensitive communications installations