WMX Cable Hanger


WMX Cable Hanger

WAPP offers WMX Cable Hanger.


  • Bundle runs of MC or AC (refer to local authorities and NEC® Article 310 for derating ampacity when flexible power cables are used)
  • Can be used with 4H series flange clips, DH2 / TDH deck clips, AO or AB nail brackets, VF14 vertical flange, AF14/122/123 Z purlin

More Information

Material: Steel
Finish: Electrogalvanized
Part Number Article Number Diameter Thickness Ultimate Static Load Certifications Standard Packaging Quantity
WMX3 28.6 mm 3.18 mm 222 N cULus 100 pc
WMX6 172910 50.0 mm 3.18 mm 330 N cULus 100 pc
WMX6BP 50.0 mm 3.18 mm 330 N 1 pc