Unseasonal lightning storms in Perth wreaking havoc

Perth has been experiencing unseasonal lightning thunderstorms this past week. When I first checked the weather forecast last week, it showed an entire week of “Possible Thunderstorms”. I thought to myself, either the weather bureau is going to be rather inaccurate, or we are in fact going to get some wild weather. The latter was true.  There has been some spectacular photos captured (courtesy of the West Australian).

Lightning_WA_Jan15c    Lightning_WA_Jan15b Lightning_WA_Jan15a    Lightning_WA_Jan15d

Unfortunately, the lightning we have been experiencing has also caused widespread destruction, notably sparking a damaging bushfire in Northcliffe, South of Perth (for more information: bushfire-threatens-was-Northcliffe).

Four people have also been struck in the past week, although fortunately, no serious injuries were reported (lightning-strikes-four-in-perth-storm). However, just this morning, unfortunately, tragedy struck in a local shopping mall where 2 people were killed and 2 others were seriously injured reportedly from a transformer explosion thought to be caused by a lightning strike (explosion-near-morley-galleria).

Trains and power to homes were also affected throughout Perth. This goes to show how severe lightning thunderstorms can be, and if no proper lightning protection systems are in place, it could be devastating. For some safety tips on severe thunderstorms and lightning protection, please refer to bom.gov.au-safety_tips. Stay safe.