Surge Protection Devices

Surge Protection Devices

The Original nVent ERICO Surge Protection Devices

Modern industry relies heavily on electronic automation to increase productivity, ensure safety and provide economic benefits. However, power circuits are often severely polluted with electrical disturbances from switching of electrical loads, electrical noise and even the occasional induced impulse. Since the safety and economic consequences of temporary or permanent failure of industrial equipment cannot be tolerated, protection devices should be installed on critical power circuits. nVent ERICO offers a complete line of surge protection devices that can be coordinated into an effectively staged electrical protection plan. The first stage of defense is the installation of primary protection devices at the mains supply service entrance, followed by secondary protection at distribution branch panels and where necessary, at point-of-use applications.

Surge protection products are designed to help protect against damaging electrical surges on power and communications lines caused by lightning and other switching events. With the increasing focus on system reliability and the Smart Grid initiatives underway in many countries, surge protection is more critical than ever based on the amount of electronics control and monitoring systems on the power grid today.

Power Protection

Power Surge Protection

Data & Signal Protection

Coaxial Surge Protection


Robust high energy protection and compact package for limited space requirement 

Data Equipment Protector


Designed to provide both line to signal-ground to protective-earth protection 

LAN Surge Protector


Rugged, metallic provides both environmental and electrical shielding. Up to CAT 6 and POE (Power over Ethernet) protection in one product 

Load Cell Protector


Six wires and shield Protection works with four or six wire systems. Suitable for compression or tension cells. Helps protect against excitation over-Voltage and prevent loadcell damage 

Subscriber and high Speed Data Line Surge Protection


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Universal Transient Barriers


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Rail Surge Protection

Lightning transients and surges are a major cause of expensive electronic equipment failure and downtime for global railway. The nVent ERICO family of power surge protection devices offer economical and reliable protection from power transients with the convenience of easy installation these devices are expressly designed for unique electrical mechanical and environmental requirements of the railway sector 

Surge Protection Accessories

MOV/GDT Tester


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Potential Equalization Clamp


High peak current capability provides long service life and waterproof enclosure is suitable for direct burial 

Remote Transmitter Protector


Three stage protection and fine over-voltage protection helps ensure lowest residual surge voltage reaches sensitive equipment. Flexible installation allows enclosure to be installed “dead needed”, “T” configured or in-line. 

Surge Counter Mechanical Display


Provides a non-resettable record of the number of surges diverted

Surge Counter, Digital Display


Record time and date of transient surge events. Resettable counter. Snap on, hall effect transducer

nVent Erico Critic SSPD

nVent ERICO Critec SSPD


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Molds and Accessories for Usage on Railway Properties

molds and accessories for railways

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Get expert advice on our product range.