Non-DIN Rail Surge Protection

Non-DIN Rail Surge Protection

nVent ERICO pioneered the development of the Surge Reduction Filter commencing in 1980’s, and since then tens of thousands have been installed in some of the highest lightning areas of the world. A policy of continuous product improvement has seen updated performance levels, culminating in the SRF N-Series.

They are renowned for their application in critical sites, with common application to telecommunications sites, data centers, process control plants defense installations and airports.

Service Entrance Suppressors


The SES200 Series of Transient Voltage Surge Suppressors deliver specification grade performance and features at an affordable price. 

Surge Protection Filters


Surge Reduction Filters combine high-energy surge diversion with surge filtering, making them ideal for primary service protection applications. 

Telecom Surge Protector


Cost effective surge solution for telecom base stations, protecting circuits at the point of entry. 

Transient Discriminating Panel Protectors


The TDX150 Series of Transient voltage surge suppressor are designed for critical protection applications.

Triggered Spark Gap Surge Reduction Filters


Triggered Spark Gap Surge Reduction filters provide high-Energy surge Division, making them ideal for primary service protection applications.

Transient Discriminating MOVTEC


The TDS-MOVTEC Family of surge Diverters offers economical and reliable protection from voltage transients in even the most strenuous application.

Get expert advice on our product range.

Get expert advice on our product range.