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Search our extensive range of products. We are the exclusive WA solutions provider for nVent Erico earthing, lightning and surge protection equipment.

Reliable and Cost Effective Lightning Protection

Lightning costs hundreds of millions of dollars in property damage each year.

It can strike anywhere, causing severe injuries and significant damage to equipment – even up to 80km from the point of impact.

You can’t prevent lightning, but you can prevent its destructive effects. 

We offer complete lightning protection systems and installation (complying with AS/NZS1768), to help you protect your assets and your people.  

Turnkey Lightning Protection & Installation Solutions

WAPP offers complete, fit-for-purpose, lightning protection and installation solutions for both residential and commercial properties.

Risk assessments, design and estimation, supply, installation and testing — you can rely on WAPP for all your earthing and lightning protection needs.

Risk Assessments

Get a full risk assessment of your property to understand exactly what’s needed to comply with relevant standards.

Design and Project Estimating

Get the confidence that you have the right solution with our lightning protection design and estimation services.

Fast, accurate and cost effective, simply supply the electrical specifications and relevant architectural drawings, and we’ll do the rest.

Supported by ERICO’s engineering design team and their proprietary modelling software, you’ll get detailed lightning protection design drawings and clear bill of materials required for your project.


Get the parts you need fast. As an official distributor of ERICO AND ERITECH products, we help you source the quality products you’re looking for at competitive rates.

Installation, Testing and Commissioning

Our nVent ERICO-trained site services team are available 24/7 install System 2000 or System 3000 Lightning Protection systems at your property.

Earthing & Lightning Protection Audit

Safety and reliability is our primary objective

Earthing System Testing

Commissioning and routine testing of your earthing systems is critical to ensure it performs safely during earth fault conditions.

Working with partners, our earthing and lightning protection review includes:

    Touch, step and transferred voltage hazard measurements
    Determination of individual and overall earthing system impedance
    Determination of lightning protection earthing impedance and physical integrity
    Determination of earth potential rise (EPR) contours
    Soil resistivity testing
    Continuity of equipment earth connections
    Visual inspections
    Current distribution measurements
    Determination of earth grid conductor sizing suitability
    Assessment of switch-yard surfacing

Testing Methods Injection

The concept of injection testing is to simulate an earth fault at a smaller scale.
By injecting an off-frequency current into the earth grid, we can test the system while preventing any interference (including the 50 Hz system frequency and harmonics).

Importantly, our injection testing can be performed while the site is live with no interference to operation, allowing you to measure the following parameters during the test:

1. Earthing System Impedence

2. Touch, step and transferred voltages

3. Location of Earth Potential Rise (EPR) contours

4. Earth Grid Voltage Rise (EGVR)

We also offer:

Soil Resistivity Testing – to determine the soil’s impact on earth grid performance.

Fall of Potential Testing
to measure earthing resistance of lightning protection systems and small kiosk/pole mounted systems.

Continuity Testing – to check the connections of primary pieces of plant to the earth grid and identify defects which can’t be seen visually.

Design & Management

We can help you design complete custom electrical systems (including selection of components) including:

  • Earthing System Design
  • System Configuration and Assessment
  • Lightning Protection Design
  • Commissioning Management
  • Protection, Control and Metering

Testing & Commissioning

We offer thorough testing and commissioning services to ensure your electrical systems meet all technical, safety and regulatory standards.

  • Earthing Systems
  • Instrument Transformers (VTs and CTs)
  • Protection Relays
  • Power Transformers
  • Energy Meters
  • Circuit Breakers
  • A Rotating Machines
  • Power Cables
  • Switch-gear
  • Hydro Power Plants

Bespoke Manufacturing

We’re also offer bespoke manufacturing tailor-made to your requirements including:

  • Earthbonds
  • Earthbraids
  • Earthbosses
  • Busbars


For all new and existing clients, we offer product training for you and your team including:

  • Earthing
  • Lightning protection
  • Surge protection

Project Estimating

We can help you get clarity on exactly how much a project is likely to cost. Simply provide a client’s bill of materials, drawn designs and/or project specs.

  • Fast turnaround
  • Comprehensive estimates
  • Competitive pricing
  • Product availability knowledge 

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We’ve built a reputation of getting our clients the quality components they need, when they need them.

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