Services that WAPP offer include Lightning Protection design and installation, Project Estimating, Bespoke Products Manufacturing and Training.

Lightning Protection turnkey solution complying with AS/NZS1768

  • Design: Lightning Protection system design utilising ERICO’s proprietary computer software (System 2000-Conventional and/or System 3000-Dynaspheres)
  • Price: Estimates and pricing for project bids
  • Supply: Supply all Lightning Protection products
  • Install: ERICO-trained site services team that is available 24/7 to install System 2000 or System 3000 Lightning Protection systems
  • Testing and Commissioning
 Lightining Protection System
 Project Estimating

Project Estimating

Timely, comprehensive estimates and pricing for project bids based on client’s bill of materials, drawing designs and/or project specifications.

Bespoke Product Manufacturing

WAPP has the capability to manufacture products according to customers requirements.

 Earth Bonds

CADWELD Training


Complimentary product training is available to our existing clients. These include CADWELD, earthing, lightning protection and surge products training.