CADDY Products

CADDY Products

nVent Caddy Fixing Fastening & Support Product

nVent ERICO Cadweld Exothermically Welded Connections are specified and installed across the world – more than 100 million times to-date. In every industry, specifiers, engineers, installers and contractors trust Cadweld to provide electrically superior connections that will never loosen, break or corrode in most environments.

When you combine Cadweld with our other trusted grounding and bonding products (ground rods, busbars, connectors, GEM, and more), you are specifying and installing the most trusted, complete grounding and bonding systems in the world – ready to meet any demand.

nVent ERICO Cadweld systems give you benefits over other connection types, too. Weighs less and takes up less space compared to the tools and materials needed for mechanical connections. And, when a mechanical connection is ready to be replaced or repaired due to loosening or corrosion, our bonds are still going strong.

Build your connection with Cadweld today: select your connection mold type, welding material and ignition system, and then round it out with trusted tools and accessories. Questions along the way? Our team is ready to help – contact us with questions or custom mold and connection needs.



Supports conduit to rod, wire or flange. Can also be used for flexible metallic tubing, armored cable, portable cables, control tubes and communications cable.


Retained bolt and built-in nut means there are less parts to handle or drop.


The KBT Wire Basket Tray Clip is an easy-to-install time-saving solution for securely attaching wire basket tray to strut. Simply place the basket tray on top of the strut, position the KBT clip over the tray at the desired position, squeeze the KBT and slide it in place to finish the connection – that simple! The installation is completed without any tools or additional hardware. The KBT Wire Basket Tray Clip is another time-saving solution designed to help contractors complete projects faster, easier, and more efficiently.

Datacom/Low Voltage


Our most advanced J-Hook support solution. Highly engineered features help to ensure a stable and secure installation for high-performance cables.


Provides a quick method to support a signal grid to computer floor pedestals.

Seismic Bracing Systems

Rigid Bracing


The nVent CADDY line of innovative rigid bracing products was designed to provide superior performance and meet the highest seismic load requirements. The products have been designed with the end user in mind and provide contractors with labor-saving features to promote quick and easy installation. The system of products supports lateral and longitudinal bracing and offers a wide range of structural and pipe attachments.

Cable Bracing


nVent CADDY cable bracing is a simple seismic bracing method for mechanical, electrical, plumbing (MEP) and fire sprinkler systems, including CPVC pipe systems. Cable bracing is the only option when brace lengths exceed the brace length limitation of 9′-7″ (3 m) for strut or when confined/crowded spaces make rigid systems difficult to install. The system includes steel cables complying with the ASCE® 19 pre-stretching requirements, attachment fittings, swaged oval sleeves & related tools, as well as pre-assembled kits.

Branch Line Restraint System


nVent has streamlined the process and developed the Branch Line Restraint System, part of the nVent CADDY line of hanging and bracing solutions for the fire protection market. Ideal for restraining 1” (25 mm) through 2” (50 mm) branch lines, this innovative system is significantly faster and easier to install than current methods. It attaches directly to steel bar joists, I-beams or purlins, as well as concrete and wood structures. The hardware is installed with only one tool, a 5/16” (8 mm) socket drill driver, which provides significant labor savings and convenience. It features a simple, two-step installation process, allowing a time savings of up to 80% compared to other methods.

Rod Stiffeners


nVent Caddy Speed Link Universal Support System

nVent CADDY Speed Link SLK System


Versatile wire rope system featuring keyless adjustment across a broad range of applications; ideal for hanging ductwork, pipe and tube, cable tray, lighting, conduit, strut profiles and signage.

nVent CADDY Speed Link Accessories


Accessories for nVent CADDY Speed Link wire rope systems.

nVent CADDY Speed Link Locking Devices and Wire Rope


Locking devices and wire rope are available in bulk allowing installers to customize nVent CADDY Speed Link systems for any project.

nVent CADDY Speed Link Accessories

cadweld ignition systems

Stud Wall

Screw Gun Brackets and Accessories


Through Stud Cable/Conduit Supports


Structural Attachments





Trapeze nut for hanging threaded rod from steel ceilings.



Used in conjunction with threaded rod.



Supports wire or rod from block or concrete walls.





Internal thread provides easy removal and serviceability. Fire resistance class R30-R120 for design of anchorages under exposure to fire.

nVent Caddy Pyramid Rooftop Systems

nVent CADDY Pyramid ST Strut-Based Supports


A strut-based support utilizing an engineered thermoplastic base with a UV stabilizer. Offers excellent load distribution with high load ratings.

nVent CADDY Pyramid Equipment Support


A fast, flexible and innovative system for supporting heavy-duty mechanical services on rooftop surfaces.

nVent CADDY Pyramid Tool-Free Supports


Provides a fixed-height mounting platform 4″ (102 mm) off the roof surface with 5.5″, 10″ or 16” (140 mm, 254 mm, or 406 mm) lengths with included push down tool-free fasteners.

nVent Caddy Pyramid H-Frame

>A fast and economical solution that keeps installation costs low and allows flexibility in fabricating the H-frame on site.

nVent CADDY Pyramid Universal Support


Provides a fixed-height mounting platform 4″ (102 mm) off the roof surface with 5.5″, 10″ or 16” (140 mm, 254 mm, or 406 mm) lengths with captive stainless steel nuts to accommodate custom applications.

nVent Caddy Pyramid H-Frame

molds and accessories for railways
A fast and economical solution that keeps installation costs low and allows flexibility in fabricating the H-frame on site.

Metal Framing

nVent CADDY Eristrut Strut Channel System


C-Channel System


Perforated, cold rolled

Telescoping Support Bracket


Slotted Framing Angle


Cold formed, slotted. Slotted angle bracket for light-medium applications. For efficiently constructing fire pipe or HVAC ducting routes.


Acoustical Lighting Hangers


Provides a positive method for securing troffers, lay-ins, and air diffusers

T-Grid Twist Clips


Supports electrical fixtures from acoustical T-grid.


Loop Hangers


Suspends variable pipe services.

Rubber Lined Pipe Clamps


Pipe Clamps


Pipe/Tube to Strut


Secures pipe while allowing it to expand, preventing cracked and fractured joints.

Pipe Fixings


Pipe Supports


Supports and fastens low to the ground horizontal pipe runs. Designed to minimize fabrication and reduce the installation time of a complete stand by up to 80%.



Quick locking system for outer diameters up to 400 mm. Achieved noise reduction up to 16 dB(A) in controlled testing. Compliant for sound insulation design according to DIN 4109.

Sound and Vibration Insulators


Suitable for installation in pipe clamps or metal strap.

nVent Caddy Rod Lock Threaded Rod Mounting System

nVent CADDY Rod Lock Structural Attachments


Solutions for mounting threaded rod assemblies to concrete or steel structures.

nVent CADDY Rod Lock Hardware


Hardware designed to save time when working with threaded rod installations

nVent CADDY Rod Lock Supports

Solutions for securing trapeze, duct, cable tray, and other common applications to threaded rods.

nVent CADDY Rod Lock Hardware

molds and accessories for railways

Hardware designed to save time when working with threaded rod installations

Get expert advice on our product range.

Get expert advice on our product range.