CADWELD – Product Information



Connections are the weak point of all electrical circuits especially earthing circuits subjected to aging and corrosion. The capacity of an earthing circuit to protect personnel safety depends on the quality of the connections made.

WAPP is proud to recommend ERICO CADWELD, a revolutionary system that simplifies the process for exothermically welded connections. ERICO is the recognized leader in grounding and bonding and its CADWELD system consistently performs the best in independent IEE 837 tests.


CADWELD – Technical Advantages

  • ERICO CADWELD exothermically welded connections are engineered to create a permanent bond that withstands repeated fault currents and will not loosen, deteriorate or increase in resistance. The connections are designed to maintain for the life of the conductor and/or installation
  • It also has a high current – carrying capacity equal to that of the conductor. The melting temperature of CADWELD connection is higher than the melting temperature of copper (1082°C). For this reason, in the event of abnormal heating due to a high fault current, the conductor is destroyed before the connection
  • Very reliable as molecular bond eliminates the concept of surface contact, and electrolyte cannot penetrate between the conductors and cause oxidation and deterioration in the course of time. This is especially important when CADWELD application is on humid or chemical environments or for bonds directly buried in the ground
  • Easy to use – four simple steps to permanently welded electrical connections. All you need is a CADWELD mould and a CADWELD control unit
  • Once completed, installers can clearly ensure quality assurance by visual inspection of the new connection
  • Consistently performs the best in independent IEE 837 2014 EMF test

CADWELD – The Molecular Bond

  • The CADWELD process can create permanent bond between copper/copper, copper/galvanized or plain steel, copper/copper clad steel, copper/bronze/brass/stainless steel, steel/steel, molecular bonds with no external or heat source
  • The shape of the mould, its dimension, and the size of the welding material, are all dependent on the items to be welded

WAPP offers CADWELD training to ensure that they are used correctly, safely and effectively. For more information about CADWELD, please do not hesitate to send us an email at or call us on (08) 9451 2199.