Climate change will make lightning strike more

A US study in 2014 forecasts that global warming will significantly increase the frequency of lightning strikes. “For every two lightning strikes in 2000, there will be three lightning strikes in 2100,” said David Romps, at the University of California, Berkeley.


By now, the consensus is that Climate Change is accepted to be real. If that is true, then this study should make everyone pay attention even more.

The study shows a new method of working out the relationship between temperature and lightning storms, by estimating the heat energy available to “fuel” storm clouds.

“As the planet warms, there will be more of this fuel around, so when thunderstorms get triggered, they will be more energetic,” said Prof Romps. It is calculated that every 1 degree Celsius rise in global temperature would lead to an increase in the frequency of lightning strikes by 12%.

If the study is accurate, it certainly is alarming and it makes it even more critical to protect your assets as lightning strikes increase in number and intensity due to climate change.

Close to home in very recent times, we have seen the devastating effects on nature as well as man-made structures which supports the study:
1) Supercell thunderstorm threatens to batter Queensland/Eastern States
2) Yarloop fire was sparked by lightning
3)  WA homes struck by lightning 

The cost of installing an effective Lightning Protection System with quality and tested products is very small relative to the cost of potential damage without one for businesses, or even homes.

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