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Earthing Bonds, Braids, Boss & Straps for Bonding

Did you know that WAPP can customise any earth bonds, braids, boss and straps used for bonding purposes? The industry uses the terms loosely. For clarification, this is the best terminology to use for each of these products with a brief description of each one.

Earth Bonds






Earth bonds (sometimes referred to as earth bridges) are assemblies made from a high-quality conductive earthpoint (connecting terminal) and various types of conductors. The nVent ERICO Cadweld exothermic connection process is used to combine them together, forming a highly corrosion resistant and long-lasting assembly.

They come in 1-hole, 2-hole and 4-hole variants. They can also come with different sized cables (70mm2-120mm2), cable lengths, and with or without a bar at the end. The standard is a 1m length 70mm2 cable with a bar at the end. Otherwise, WAPP can customise to your requirements.

Earth BraidsFTCB-300-M10

Grounding and Bonding Braids are a reliable and convenient grounding solution for applications that require flexibility and durability. They are sometimes referred to as flexible braids (for instance, FTCB – flat tinned copper braids) and come in a variety of material (copper, tinned copper, stainless steel, aluminium) and dimensions.


Earth Boss

Earth Bosses provide preferential equipotential bonding connection point. Comes in a variety of steel grades (Mild Steel, SS304, SS316) and sizes.



Earth Straps


Earth straps are simply copper earth cables with lugs on the ends that lug onto earth connection points (e.g. ground plates on earth bonds or earth bosses) to provide equipotential bonding for metallic objects in the surrounding area. Again, these come in a variety of cable sizes and lengths which WAPP can customise to suit.


In general, when specifying products, these are the key information to keep in mind:

  1. Number of holes (for Earth Bonds)
  2. Size of holes (e.g. for earth boss, lugs)
  3. Dimensions (e.g. size/length of cables, earth boss sizes)
  4. Material (e.g. tinned copper, mild steel, SS316)