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AMSC D-VAR STATCOM Australian case studies

Listed on the NYSE, AMSC (American Superconductor) offers smart grid solutions from generation to end use. In particular, their Dynamic Volt-Amp Reactive (D-VAR STATCOM) Compensation solution offers enhanced grid performance and efficiency, connects renewable energy safely and reliably to the grid and offers power quality improvement.

To learn more about what AMSC can do for you and how the system works, please read their Australian Case Study Highlights 2016. It covers a couple of notable WA projects, namely the Collgar Wind Farm and Karara Mine.


AMSC® D-VAR® STATCOM Applications:

AMSC® solutions are powering gigawatts of renewable energy and enhancing the performance and reliability in power networks in more than a dozen countries. The list below shows the benefits they bring to each particular industry.


•Delivery of more power on existing transmission & distribution assets
•Postpone investments
•Improvement of power stability, availability, quality and reliability


•Eliminate voltage disturbances to ensure high power quality for semiconductor fabs, mining operations and other industrial processes.


•Enables renewable power to “act like” power from a conventional source so it can be smoothly integrated into the power grid in compliance with local grid codes

Features & Benefits of AMSC’s D-VAR STATCOMS include:

• Improves grid reliability by regulating and stabilizing voltage
• Delivers superior transient response
• Generates and absorbs VARs dynamically for smooth power regulation
• Modular construction allows quick deployment and future flexibility
• More compact and less costly to install than competing devices
• Low power losses compared with competing devices
• D-VAR systems are modular and compact and accommodate areas with restricted space  availability
• Capable of suppling steady state negative sequence current injection to mitigate voltage unbalance

AMSC offers the following support capability for Systems Engineering:
–Steady-state load flow (power flow) studies
–Dynamic and stability analysis
–Harmonics and resonance scans
–Power transfer capability studies

For any modeling, analysis, sizing, quote or simply general enquiries on AMSC’s D-VAR STATCOM, please email ray.loh@wapp.com.au