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We are pleased to announce the launch of a dedicated CADWELD site, a one-stop-shop for specifying engineers and contractors to discover everything they need to know about exothermic welding. Find catalogs, download specifications, watch installation videos and much more at Cadweld.com!


They are extremely versatile as there are literally hundreds of different connections that can be made. If you are still unsure, WAPP is ever ready to assist you with advising what equipment you need for your job. The minimum information that you’ll need to provide to us is what connection you’re trying to achieve, and the dimensions of the items to be connected. For instance, a 120mm2 copper earth cable to cable Horizontal Tee connection. Or a 70mm2 copper earth cable to 19mm ground rod and so forth.


nVent ERICO CADWELD connections are specified and used extensively in the big four mining companies in Western Australia, namely BHP, Rio Tinto, Roy Hill and FMG for their superior connections that will never loosen, break, or corrode.

Did you know that WAPP also offers hands-on public CADWELD training every quarter, or as an in-house training for our valued clients? A certificate of completion is issued to all attendees at the end of each training to ensure that your personnel are job-ready to perform these welds.

CADWELD Training at WAPPCADWELD Training at WAPP

We are the best-stocked nVent ERICO distributor in Western Australia with a variety of molds and charges. Contact us today for all your CADWELD needs.

New Generation of ERICO RTB

nVent ERICO Introduces RTBN – The Next Generation Rail Data and Signal Protection. For many years railroads, have relied on nVent ERICO Rail Transient Barrier (RTB) products for protection against damaging voltage surges and transient events.

Building on this legacy, nVent ERICO is pleased to introduce RTBN, the next generation in railway data and signal protection. With its high surge rating, RTBN delivers the same outstanding performance that industry has come to expect. RTBN also brings advanced new features to meet the needs of modern railways.

Watch the video here.


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