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Top International Resource for Electrical Engineers

As an electrical expert or engineer, you need to be informed of international innovations International resourcesand changes to practices that could be of benefit.

At WAPP, our team strives to keep you up to date with everything relating to lightning, earthing, bonding and surge protection. Overseas publications and announcements help us to remain current on product advances, innovations and international standards. This ensures we serve and provide our clients the best solution that complies with standards and specifications.

There are many local resources out there that we trust and know, but we have looked outside Australian borders to provide insight in what is happening in the rest of the world. We have listed 6 top international resources electrical engineers and experts should bookmark for future reference in design and method validation.

5 Top International Resources for Electrical Engineers

(Listed in alphabetical order.)

  1. Electrical Construction & Maintenance (EC&M)

EC&M is an internationally recognised resource for electrical design, construction, International resources 2operations and maintenance for relevant industries. You will find comprehensive technical articles, overseas market forecasts, detailed surveys and reports, and the latest electrical industry broadcasts. EC&M provides a comprehensive look at what electrical engineers are most interested in.

  1. EEWeb

EEWeb is an online community dedicated to interactive communications between electrical engineers. It is packed with news articles, an open forum to ask and answer questions with industry peers, videos, free engineering tools and a range of industry specialised magazines.

  1. IEEE

IEEE is the world’s largest technical organisation devoted to engineering and science. Central to profoundly respected, publications, conferences, technology standards and knowledgeable enterprise. Reference IEEE for blogs, podcasts, news stories, product features, videos and infographics.

  1. In Compliance Magazine

Designed specifically for electric engineering professionals, In Compliance delivers the latest overseas news, standards updates, technical explanations and guidance.

  1. MIT Libraries

This online library containing information and intellectual capital available to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) are at your fingertips. Research books, documents, journals and articles from publications across the globe related to everything from electrical engineering guides earthing, grounding, surge and lightning protection.

Start with the Guide for Electrical Engineers to get started.

Local Resources for Electrical Engineers

Looking for even more information, knowledge or guidance on latest innovations for earthing, bonding, rail, surge or lightning protection? West Australian Power Protection (WAPP) are your industry experts.

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