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Mechanical Earth Connectors

Whilst CADWELD connections (ERICO’s patented exothermic welding) is the best connection you can achieve in terms of bonding, permanency and conductivity, there are various other mechanical earth connectors that are highly effective. Here, we review why mechanical earth connectors (such as u-bolts, rebar clamps, fence clamps, etc) are used in place of CADWELD connections.

Several reasons why mechanical earth connectors are used instead can be due to:

Ability to disconnect – Where connections need to be disconnected from time to time, for  instance, to carry out earth resistance testing on individual ground rods or sections of the earthing grid, u-bolt ground rod clamps such as ERICO’s RTC1626, REC16120, REP16120L or GC065TH clamps are more suitable.

Ground_rod_copper_tape_clamp Ground_Rod_U-bolt Ground_Rod_Clamp

Ground_Rod_Clamp_applicationPracticality – During peak summer periods, clamps are preferred over welding which will require hot work permits or not allowed altogether during total fire ban periods.

Constraints – In real life, we all know that even with the most meticulous planning, things don’t always go according to plans. Long lead times in getting required tools/products for a job may require alternative methods. For instance, connections of earthing points to rebars in concrete can be made by ERICO’s rebar clamps RC70 or RC100 clamps. These meet NEC®* standard requirement for bonding to rebar into the grounding system. To offer this connection another level of protection would be to cover them securely using a wrap around such as Denso tape.

                  Rebar_Clamps                                                      Rebar_Clamp_application

Above Ground connections – For above ground connections, it is acceptable to use these mechanical earth clamps. Examples include water/gas pipe ground clamps (e.g. CWP series) and fence clamps (FC series).

                 Water_Pipe_Clamps                                                       Fence_Clamps

ERICO’s mechanical clamps are both practical and tested and approved by UL (Universal Laboratories) to the highest standards. Whatever the connection may be, WAPP has a huge range of clamps we can offer for your needs. They are effective substitutes to CADWELDing, and in some circumstances explained above, are the preferred method of connections.

* NEC is a registered trademark of, and National Electrical Code (NEC) standard is a copyright of the National Fire Protection Association, Inc.