CRITEC® SLP1 RJ11 Series

The SLP1 RJ11 is designed to protect sensitive telecommunications equipment connecting to the telephone network via RJ11 plugs. The SLP1RJ11A is A-Tick approved for use in Australia and offers a […]

CADWELD GN Connection Kits

Whether you’re working in telecommunications, electric distribution or cable television, here’s everything you need to make a permanent and reliable wire-to-ground rod connection at the lowest cost and with maximum […]

Cable Runway Ground Strap

A Cable Runway Ground Strap bonds cable tray, wire mesh tray and cable runway components together and to the telecommunications grounding and bonding infrastructure (e.g., through cabinets and racks). This […]

Common Bonding Network Jumper

The Common Bonding Network (CBN) Jumper, part of the ERITECH® line of facility electrical protection products, helps achieve a secure electrical connection in the telecommunications grounding and bonding infrastructure. A […]

Theft Deterrent Ground Assembly

Copper theft has become a significant problem at many wireless telecommunications sites. Ground bars, conductors and cables are often targeted by thieves, leaving behind a compromised system which is vulnerable […]