nVent ERICO CADWELD Exothermic Welding

The CADWELD ONE SHOT produces a permanent exothermic connection to a ground rod that will not loosen, corrode or increase in resistance for the life of the installation. A convenient, single-use ceramic mold eliminates the need for a mold and handle clamps and/or frames. Ideal for both threaded and plain copper-bonded ground rods.

cadweld one shot


  • Easy to use, single-use ceramic mold eliminates need for mold and frame, handle clamp
  • Produces permanent connection that will not loosen or corrode
  • NEC® compliant, cULus® Listed
  • Rural Utilities Service (RUS) accepted


The CADWELD ONE SHOT is ideal for making permanent reliable connections to ground rods for electrical transmission and distribution, telecommunications and cable television applications.

More Information

CADWELD ONE SHOT part numbers for type GR (one conductor to ground rod), type GT (two conductors to ground rod), type NT (three conductors to ground rod) and type NX (four conductors to ground rod).

Get expert advice on our product range.

Get expert advice on our product range.

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